Male vitality support

A vitality booster for physical condition and mental strength. Designed to enhance your testosterone production and promote cognitive wellbeing.


What are the benefits?

A Research Backed Formula Which Delivers:
Renewed Energy & Vitality

Renewed Energy & Vitality

Put the bounce back in your step, feeling sharper and livelier.

Enhanced Libido

Enhanced Libido

Turn back the clock and get back to your best.

More Muscle, Less Fat

More Muscle, Less Fat

Increased testosterone means your exercise regime starts paying dividends.

Reduce Stress, Feel Better

Reduce Stress, Feel Better

Drop those anxiety levels, feel calmer and more in control.

Who is Centrapeak For?

Centrapeak is a supplement for men who want to make a positive difference to their lives. It has been carefully designed to help you roll back the years.

As we get older our testosterone ebbs away, whilst the pressures of work and family can sap our energy and enjoyment of life.

Centrapeak helps to revitalize that testosterone and energy, improving mood and reducing stress.


Backed by research, the formula uses only ingredients with a strong scientific pedigree. Ingredients which have demonstrated time and again that they are both effective and safe.

Start today and begin the journey.

How does
Centrapeak work?

12 Clinically backed ingredients to boost testosterone, energy and mood.

Physical Condition

7 of the ingredients in Centrapeak have been clinically established to enhance testosterone levels in men with 'Low T'. When you bring your testosterone levels back up to normal range, you can enjoy a remarkable range of health benefits.

Mental Strength

Most test boosting supplements focus solely on the physical, and neglect the benefits of strong mental health. Centrapeak is more than a test booster though, it is a full Male Vitality Enhancer.

What is Centrapeak Not?

It is not a magic potion

It will not change your life in a week. You should be sceptical about any supplement which claims to. It is a blend of naturally occurring botanicals and minerals which have the power to help improve your physical and mental wellbeing over time.

It is not TRT

It will not suddenly spike your testosterone levels, it encourages your body to restore it's own natural testosterone levels.

It is not an anti-depressant pharmaceutical

It will not drastically alter your state of mind. This is a good thing, and you can stop using it without adverse side-effects.

It is not an erectile dysfunction miracle

A return to healthy testosterone levels improves energy and desire. The ingredients have been shown to improve blood flow and nitric oxide levels which are important for sexual function. As is lower stress and higher energy. It will not miraculously reverse impotence.

Read our ingredients page for more information.

Centrapeak Ingredients

Testimonial: Chris R., Ohio

My name is Chris, I'm a 50 year old male that is a Marine Combat veteran. Completed my term with the Corp and began to work in Corrections and retired as a Captain. In my life time I've had 11 reconstructive surgeries to repair many injuries that have come back to haunt me, many doctors said I need to slow down and remember that I'm not 21 anymore.

They told me my days of lifting weights and working out were limited and there will be many things I would not be able to do. As a Marine..we take those type of comments as challenges, I continued to workout out and lift weights to the best of my ability.

I've used many supplements in my lifetime and one day I came cross an add about Centrapeak, I began to read it and research it a little more and decided to try it.

Got my first bottle in February of 2019 and within the third week of my workouts I began to see a major change in strength levels as well as behavior.

My energy levels went up, my concentration became sharper, memory was better and my strength levels shot up and oh yeah,the wife likes the new me ten times more if you know what I mean. So I ran out and got another bottle in April 2019 and I still continue my daily intake.

I can tell you that this 50 year old Marine Vet feels like he is 21 again and even my younger friends in the gym tell me "Chris you're looking like beastmode", so if you want to change your lifestyle then Centrapeak can and will help you achieve it...trust me!

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Quality Assured

cGMP Manufactured

Centrapeak is manufactured in premises certified under Good Manufacturing Practice by both the UL and NPA - the top two certifying bodies.

Our manufacturing site additionally has a GMP certificate from the New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services.

This is the best quality assurance available. Our products are microbial tested, and then further tested by a 3rd party independent laboratory to ensure the quality of the product is at the highest level.

Centrapeak - cGMP Manufacturing
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