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The following questions are the most frequently received by our Customer Support team.

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How do I take the product?

The directions on the Centrapeak packaging state;

"Take one capsule three times a day with food."

We have many customers who take two Centrapeak at once, or even all three at the same time and we have never received any negative reports in relation to this.

There are no stimulants in the product or ingredients users would generally find more difficult to digest. With Centrapeak it is more important to take it along with food (from a nutritional absorption perspective) than having the intake spread out completely evenly throughout the day.

Is Centrapeak vegan-friendly?

Yes, it is a vegan product. Most people do not appreciate that it is the Vitamin D3 in supplements which is normally non-vegan (being derived from sheep lanolin). Centrapeak uses a vegan compliant version of D3.

Where is Centrapeak made?

Centrapeak is manufactured in two locations. The product for the US and Canadian markets is manufactured at a facility in New Jersey and dispatched from our fulfillment center in New Jersey. The product for the rest of the world is manufactured and dispatched from the UK.

Are there any banned substances in Centrapeak?

None of the ingredients in Centrapeak are on the WADA banned substances list. The full list is here;


Wikipedia have a handy page that makes it easier to run through them all. Each Centrapeak batch undergoes rigorous testing that certify there is nothing in the product that should not be there.

Centrapeak has a fully disclosed formula, you can review all the ingredients on our comprehensive ingredients page.

How long before I see results?

There is no set time period for this, as results vary from person to person.

The nootropic ingredients specifically included in the product to improve subjective wellbeing (the Rhodiola Rosea and Phosphatidylserine) can often be felt straight away.

We would normally expect Centrapeak customers to be feeling results within a month, if taking the product alongside a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Do you do free samples?

No, sorry.

The Male Vitality Package is the best way to receive discounts on Centrapeak.

Is Centrapeak guaranteed to increase testosterone?

No. We do not and could not guarantee specific results. In fact, you should be very suspicious of any natural supplement that claims to guarantee testosterone increases. So much depends on the individual, their lifestyle and their baseline testosterone levels.

The research behind all of the ingredients in Centrapeak has been conducted on men with low levels of testosterone. Those ingredients have shown in trials to help bring low testosterone levels into the normal range.

The only substance guaranteed to take your testosterone levels beyond normal range is testosterone. In other words, either TRT or illegal steroids. Typically administered via injection, orally, or through a dermal patch. You should note that there are considerable risks and costs associated with increasing your testosterone in this way.

Bear in mind that Centrapeak is about a lot more than just testosterone. The ingredients have been shown to offer a wide range of health benefits. More about this in the next FAQ ...

What benefits can I expect?

As explained in the answer above, this will depend on the individual. There are so many factors in play, but to get an overview on the types of benefits you can expect, the best thing you can do is read through our testimonials around the site.

What you find when you read them is that Centrapeak customers highlight different benefits that have been important to them.

Improved sleep; increased libido; big gains in the gym; mental energy at the end of a hard day at work; more patience with the kids; motivation to get more done around the house; being a generally nicer guy to live with; burning more calories in the gym; calmness.

Take your pick, those examples are all in amongst the reviews.

How exactly will it benefit you?. There is only one way to find out.

Should I cycle Centrapeak?

It is generally recommended to cycle a test booster every few months. What this means is that you take a break from the product for three or four weeks every three or four months.

Supplements designed to boost natural testosterone levels are all different and contain a wide variety of ingredients. Sometimes these products require cycling because of a specific ingredient or dosage in the product.

Centrapeak does not contain ingredients / dosages that would necessitate specific cycles. However, we recommend you take a break of a month every few months as it may help prevent you building a tolerance and get more benefit out of the product.

This doesn't just apply to the testosterone boosting aspect, the same goes for the nootropic ingredients.

Is the product independently tested?

Yes. Every new batch of Centrapeak is routinely tested by an independent third party laboratory before it is released from manufacturing.

As well as testing to ensure the quantity of each ingredient is correct, testing is also done to detect microbiological profiles and heavy metals.

Can I take Centrapeak alongside my medication?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer guidance on how the product will interact with medication, as the customer support team are not medically qualified.

The only person you should trust to give you this advice is your doctor. Online forums, blogs and health related e-zines may be full of health advice written by experts - but those experts don't have any access to your medical notes.

As it says on the Centrapeak packaging;

"If you are taking medications, are under medical supervision, have or suspect a medical condition, then consult your physician before use."

Can I take Centrapeak along with my other supplements?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer guidance on how the product will interact with other supplements as the customer support team are not qualified to do so.

We would not recommend taking Centrapeak along with other supplements designed to affect testosterone.

What size are the capsules?

Centrapeak uses 00 sized capsules. 00 capsules are large, it is a comprehensive formula and there is a lot to pack in!

The photo below shows a Centrapeak capsule next to a tape measure, displaying the size in metric (bottom) and imperial (top). Click the image to launch it in a larger view.

00 Capsule

I find swallowing capsules hard, can I take it another way?

We do get this question from customers who find swallowing capsules tricky.

It can be easier to swallow a capsule if taken with some yogurt or fruit puree.

The capsules are a vegetable pullulan with no special coating, and they are not timed-release. This means you technically could break the capsules and mix them with food but it will taste terrible.

We would recommend consuming the capsule whole along with food instead, as the product has been designed to be consumed that way.

Why can't I buy this on Amazon?

Fantastic as their fulfillment systems are we are not interested in selling through Amazon.

The supplements available on their platform are (in the main) extremely low quality and the supplements listings on the Amazon website are rife with misinformation and fake reviews.

Is Centrapeak 'All Natural'?

We don't market Centrapeak as 'All Natural'. The reason is that Indole-3-Carbinol, whilst found naturally in cruciferous vegetables, is not extracted from them but manufactured synthetically.

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